Is StoryTelling the 

evolutionary next step for your venture?

We always remember a great story.

Ask someone facts and features and they rarely recall them.

Tell someone a good story however, and it will stay with them forever. 

Stories help us make sense of our world.

Find out why StoryTelling is a critical step to the future of your venture. 

Over the last six years, our family of four with our teenage twin children, have continuously traveled the world through 41 countries on six continents, on a journey of learning and discovery. From our adventures and our individual stories, we created our own collective story, out of which was born our Labour of Love venture, which saw our daughter become one of the world's youngest published authors, when at 14 years old, she published her debut novel, Dawn of the Guardian.

We learnt that everyone had a story to tell and when told in the light of the hero's arc, it could captivate the attention of the world. We learnt that our transformative story as a family, continuously traveling the world, where the world was our teacher, enthralled people and made them ask, how in the world was our lifestyle possible?

We have traveled the world collecting Stories

Most importantly, we learnt that the future success of any venture, including the success of our family, is founded in solidly knowing your direction, creating a collective story that weaves everyone's individual aspirations into a mutually created story of success and finally, harnessing everyone's strengths and passions in the direction of that success, creating a momentum that is unstoppable.

Labour of Love

A process to see your team's story and venture to fruition

Our journey has taught us the importance of having a common direction, and just how essential this is for reaching your destination together. Creating your collective story first involves determining your shared direction. So how can you all be sure which road to take? We all have a natural tool we can consult, it is our intuition, constantly ready to give us the coordinates we need to set our course to its True North. As a family, we developed the Intuition Game, a game that can be played by your team, group, family or friends, to ask the specific questions relevant to your journey and in return receive the definitive answers needed to set your team's course to its True North.

Having established a common direction, stories now take on a new significance in your journey. They can be used to set a baseline of measure for previous success and reveal deep insights into your team dynamic, its aspirations and define a common vision for your future success. Importantly, they can be used to create the most impactful and human way those within or external to your organisation, family or group can relate to what you have to offer. It creates a relational bridge told through the medium of story.

As a family, once we created our collectively owned story, weaved of the aspirations of all the invested stakeholders, we put in place an evolutionary processes necessary to deliver the substance of our story's success arc. This was achieved not through the implementation of a hierarchical structure that stifles creativity and represses human nature, but rather, through a naturally created and distributed structure of self-organising, intuitive domains and roles, taking into account the individual team member's strengths, aptitudes and aspirations to grow and develop in areas, which not only inspire them, but will benefit the team the most. This process is relational to the way humans naturally think, act and wish to be treated. A process where stakeholders are entrusted to make decision critical to the day-to-day running of the project and essential to its overall success, without the need to stifle progress through full consensus on every single task and decision. Thus you create a true Labour of Love Venture, where every project member's story of success become the building blocks of the project's success and everyone is sincerely invested in seeing it come to fruition.




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George & Bobi Kaponay - Inventors of the Intuition Game

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